3 Podcasts That’ll Change Your Thinking about Money & Entrepreneurship

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I listen to podcasts (and audiobooks) on my way to work, long commutes, when walking my dog, or when working out in the gym.

Basically, every time I don’t have to interact with other people, I’ll most likely have my noise-cancellation headphones on as I’m eager to get smarter.

Listening to other people’s experiences can teach us so much.

Firstly, we can learn from others’ mistakes, which to me is the most valuable thing when listening to these podcasts. At the same time, it gives us more factual knowledge. Meaning that discussions with friends and colleagues are more interesting.

Finally, it allows us to learn about things we didn’t even think possible. For example, a few years ago I didn’t know that blogging can earn you a full-time income (if done well, of course). I also didn’t know much about building a business or being an exceptional leader. Now I see it can all be learned.

Therefore, if you don’t listen to podcasts yet, I strongly suggest you start today. A whole new world opened up to me once I started using Spotify for more than just music.

Here are three of my favorite podcasts, all are available for free on Spotify:

1. Entreleadership

I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost a year now and have managed to listen to around 200 episodes out of 318. It’s a firm favorite. It’s hosted by Ken Coleman, who’s part of Ramsey Solutions.

If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, then I guess you’re either a stranger to the world of finance or you’ve lived under a rock. This man is a fountain of knowledge, and listening to him will give you a new education.

What I most love about the show is their variety of topics. Sometimes they focus on really successful entrepreneurs, but at other times they’re talking about financial freedom or leadership.

They also focus on building and running successful businesses and bring lots of real-life examples of how it should be done. They talk a lot about the pain-points in American corporate culture and address common leadership mistakes. I’d definitely recommend it for all would-be leaders.

2. Masters of Scale

This show is hosted by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. It’s not your average podcast, as it’s not in a regular interview format like a lot of podcasts.

Hoffman relies on story-telling (making it interesting to listen to) and his manner of speech is so vivid that you can visualize literally everything he says.

There are special sounds to describe different emotions, and they’ve even managed to make the ads interesting, again through story-telling.

So, if you’re not so much into listening to interviews with other people, Masters of Scale might be for you. My favorite episodes were about the founding of Instagram, Spotify, and Spanx.

You can listen to my favorite episodes here:

It’s a super-inspiring listen for all aspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll hear how people were able to pursue their passions against all odds. And you’ll learn a few things about how to survive the hardships that’ll be thrown at you on your road to entrepreneurship.

If you’re aiming to build your own startup, this show should definitely be amongst your top priorities when it comes to learning from the best.

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3. The Side Hustle Project

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer, full-time blogger or digital nomad, then this show is a must-listen.

It’s hosted by Ryan Robinson who earns six figures from his blog and teaches others how to do the same. He’s interviewed a variety of people who’ve ditched their 9-5 thanks to their side hustles.

The coolest part (at least for me) about his podcast is that he’s interviewed several ex-athletes who built businesses after retiring from sports. You’ll also find plenty of stories of people who started pursuing their passions as side hustles initially and were able to quit their day jobs not long after.

What I also love about it is the fact that most of his interviewees are regular people, they’re rarely huge stars. It can be hard for us to identify with the CEOs of Instagram or Spotify, as we’re just so far behind in our journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Therefore, it’s a great show to learn from people who’ve only recently been in the same place as us.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? When do you usually listen to podcasts?

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